Joule Case and two stackable lithium modules
2019 New Models, More Features!
21 Feb, 2019. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Developview

For 2019 Joule Case is releasing 3 new battery models. We are sizing up our SLA line from the SLA500 to the SLA750. By adding another inch to the case height we were able to increase the total energy 150%!! We also added a battery capacity meter on the back of each SLA750 module. Now you can quickly and easily see each module’s state of charge whether it is connected to a control module or not.

Each SLA750 has it’s own capacity meter. Press once and the screen will turn on for a few seconds displaying the state of charge. Press on/off/on and the screen will remain ‘on’ until you turn it off again. *Remember to turn off the screen if you engage the long ‘on’ mode.

We have added a new class of stackable modules – The Base Station. These are true power beasts. Designed to tackle the power requirements of long duration or heavy power loads these units can replace diesel generators, power your house, job site and really just about anything you can throw at them. There are 2 models the SLA 2k Base Station and the Li 3.5k Base Station.

Whoa, we just made this serious. Yeah 2kwh and 3.5kwh. Joule Case can replace diesel generators.

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