Mar 18
Hear the music, not the generator blues.
18 Mar, 2019. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Developview
To kick off the music festival season we are a proud sponsor of Tree Fort Music Fest. Joule Case is providing Tree Fort with clean, quiet battery generators. The folks over at Tree Fort provided Joule Case with the perfect opportunity to become sponsors - This festival embraces green living and has taken major steps to reduce waste, purchase renewable energy and carbon credits. Tree Fort is now taking it a step further by replacing noisy and dirty small gas generators typically found at other events around the ticketing offices, sponsor tents and other pop-up locations with Joule Case. If…
Mar 16
Cut the cord already.
16 Mar, 2019. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Developview
For years event managers and trade show professionals have known a little secret. Kiosks and islands no longer need special electrical drops. For the layman that is when power is moved via an extension cord to a specific location for a trade show booth. The privilege of access to power from this extension cord can cost hundreds of dollars for just a few days, and you don't even get to keep the cord! 2 LED TVs, lights, a computer and iPad running on Joule Case for a convention. When power isn't available or convenient, Joule Case is "power where you…