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For years event managers and trade show professionals have known a little secret. Kiosks and islands no longer need special electrical drops. For the layman that is when power is moved via an extension cord to a specific location for a trade show booth. The privilege of access to power from this extension cord can cost hundreds of dollars for just a few days, and you don’t even get to keep the cord!

Portable Power Supply for Trade Shows Joule Case, kiosks
2 LED TVs, lights, a computer and iPad running on Joule Case for a convention. When power isn’t available or convenient, Joule Case is “power where you need it”.

Booth designers in-the-know have been using Joule Case to power these islands and kiosks, and avoiding the pain, headache and expense of the electrical drop. But many were not aware that you can run an entire booth using Joule Case and avoid electrical service for the entire show.

“The entire show you say? I can’t believe it!”

Yes, it is true. Not only that but this booth was for a lighting company, so they had some power needs.

Here is the long and short of it. Joule Case systems properly sized, pay for themselves in the 4th or 5th trade show. If your company plans on attending 6 shows, EVER, and you aren’t using Joule Case then you are basically heating your house by burning cash.

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