We are passionate about power.

Access to energy created our modern world. We want to bring power to all of the people.

The Joule System creates a backup power supply for residential, commercial, industrial power needs. Joule Case provides a clean and quiet alternative to gas generators. Now you can easily replenish power with renewable energy solar, wind. Protect your family and business from power outage disruptions.

The Family Joules

Who we are: Makers. Doers. Dreamers.

James Wagoner – Founder

James is a Mechanical Engineer, certified PE, PMP with many other letters affixed to his name. His work requires multiple disciplines…

Alex Livingston – Founder

Alex came up with the original concept and design, having developed the first proof of concept models and prototype battery…

Advisory Board

At Joule Case we are lucky enough to have the support from several amazing individuals. A few are listed here in our Advisory Board.

Jon Carter
Jon Carter is the Vice President of Business Development for Emerging Memory at Micron technology. Previously, he was with Dell Technologies serving in various leadership roles in the enterprise storage business unit focused on strategy, venture investments and acquisitions. Jon works closely with select, early stage companies defining strategy and raising capital.
Chris Olsen
Chris is an experienced Chief Operating Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Strong finance professional skilled in Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, Analytical Skills, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and Management.
Doug Moore, P.E.
With more than 30 years of experience, Doug’s capabilities include mechanical and electrical design, build, operate, and maintain services. His extensive knowledge of the construction industry includes Pre-Construction Services and the strategic integration of design activities, budget models, constructability reviews, early procurement of equipment and building automation systems, and Building Information Models.

Our Story

Where we’ve been — Our Journey.

In 2007 Alex Livingston and James Wagoner had a vision to improve the design of electric cars making them feasible for the way we drive here in the US. That design centered on a modular scalable battery called Fuel 2.0™. The white cases you see in our images are the original Fuel 2.0™ modules.

The concept was a simple one, different vehicles require different units of energy, if the energy unit was standardized then vehicles could exchange spent units for fresh ones, eliminating the whole waiting to charge issue.

Our design was well received capturing media attention in 2009 including international recognition as leaders in clean technology. We made great progress, working with automotive manufacturers first in Europe, having been selected as the battery system for a fleet of 12,000 electric taxis.

The 2010 European debt crisis took its toll on innovative projects and the program lost its funding. We still believe in what we call a Renewable Generation and the Joule system is another step in that direction.

Joule utilizes advanced energy dense lithium batteries and Joule Case provides the ability to transform how you use power. We have taken our original concept of Fuel 2.0™ and created a consumer focused system which will enable a future with Hybrid Homes™.

Our Pledge

It is our deep desire to give a world changing product life. In doing so we believe Joule Case can change the lives of people around us and far away.

Joule is energy in motion and we want to empower positive change through the access to power.

We hope you’ll join us when we launch and as we grow, and together we can make a difference in the world around us.

Snapshots from the Past