Joule Case – Advanced power made simple.

Silent portable renewable power, Joule Case is the ideal energy system for outdoor events and adventures.

1000W or 2000W power output in either Pure or Modified sine wave and stackable 500Wh energy modules.

Joule Case stacks up against the competition.

Which Joule Case system is right for you?

First, choose your Joule Case in either Pure Sine wave, the P-series or Modified, the M-series.

Next, choose the type of Joule module, either lithium or sealed lead acid.

Joule Case P-series
The P-series utilizes a pure sine inverter that provides power nearly identical to the smooth power provided by the grid, it runs all appliances you would plug in at home.
Joule Case M-series
The M-series utilizes a modified sine inverter that will run a majority of your appliances and devices, for the casual user the only difference you will notice is the price.
Joule Li500 Module
Joule Li500 modules are superior in capacity and maintain their charge for months. Each Li module utilizes an advanced battery management system (BMS) that constantly maintains proper cell balancing, for increased safety and prolonging life.
Joule SLA500
Joule 'SLA500' Sealed Lead Acid modules offers all the customizable freedom of the Joule Case system. The SLA modules are ideal for the casual user or those wanting the convenience and simplicity of the Joule Case.
Hours of LED Light
Hours of 60in LED TV
Microwave Minutes
Phone Charges

*Estimated runtime using P-1000 and 3[SLA500] modules

Joule Case – Use Case

Personal | Residential
Personal | Residential Joule Case is the ideal 'power' power tool. Whether you plan to use yours primarily for outdoor recreation and entertainment, or at home to provide power during a storm Joule Case is a perfect fit.
Business | Commerical
Business | Commerical Event or trade show power, construction site or power backup. Some of the many applications include: Service vehicles, Mobile Offices, Telecommunication, Field work / Construction sites, Solar power systems, Emergency backup power.

Joule Case onsite at Tough Mudder Seattle

Joule Case | Portable Power Period.

  • „Joule simply changes the way we can approach events for our business, we can bring our own power to trade shows and outdoor. Plus I can borrow one from the company for a weekend tailgate party.“
    Nick M. - Director
  • „Most job sites aren't lit when we start working. Our diesel generator is way overkill and noisy for the first 1-2 weeks until we pull power lines in. We can use this throughout any build.“
    Mike R. - Contractor
  • „Your battery system looks miles better than the competition.“
    Erik B. - Stoked Customer
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