New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium travels to different outdoor events to engage customers. The event tent needs power for lights and marketing materials for several days at a time.

Problem: They need quick and easy access to power with no utility connections or dirty generators. New Belgium hosts many outdoor events and needs them to be green.

Client Requirement: Green, quiet, power that will last long enough for each event. Power that can travel with the crew. Enough power to light and heal seal for hats for several days.

Solution: Joule Case lithium-ion batteries to provide quick and easy power right where it is needed. Joule Case provided quiet, easy, simple, green power that travels easy with New Belgium.

"Joule Case works perfect for us. It travels with us. It is quiet and green and able to keep everything running exactly how we want it."

- Pete Sullivan (New Belgium Events Coordinator)

Food Truck, Event Catering

Provide all necessary power for food truck sales in diverse situations and varied hours of operation. A food truck typically has large power demand and limited access to utility power. Traditionally, finding an outlet, an extension cord and gaffer tape would be the only solution. Running utility power with a long extension cord does not allow for supplemental solar power, it is unsightly and often a hazard.

Problem: Outdoor Power Access - Inconsistent access to an outlet. The smell and noise from gas generators detracted from the overall customer experience. Theft and damage were frequent during events.

Devices Requiring Power: coffee machines, espresso maker, bean grinder, water heaters and lights.

Client Requirement: No Generators. Solar power up to 10 hours.

Solution: Two 2000 Watt power systems each with 2000 Watt Hour base stations. 360 Watts of solar panels.

Joule Case is capable of powering many food truck applications without the smell and noise of a gasoline generator. With the addition of solar panels into the Joule Case system this mobile coffee bar is power self-reliant.

"Joule Case was able to deliver a product that supplies everything I need without a dirty generator."

- Ricky H. (Owner, Landscapes Coffee Truck)

Power Camp EDC for Air Conditioning, Lights, and Power

EDC music festival wants to replace diesel generators for all the power going to air conditioners. This would eliminate the need for small, loud, dirty generators, long power cords and provide power for tent air conditioners, lights, and phone charging.

Problem: Large diesel generators have to be placed everywhere in camp to provide power to 5000 tents with air conditioning. Our customers experience sleeping right next to a generator with noise and fumes.

Client Requirement: Demonstrate how all camps can be powered with Joule Case without any combustion power generators. Keep tents/structures powered and climate controlled cool without fossil fuels.

Solution: Joule Case powered the 2020 concept tents with air conditioning, lights, and power for 4 days. Solar was used to charge Joule Case during the day and Joule Case battery power was used during the night.

"Joule Case proved they can provide silent green power for our tents no problem. The potential for Joule Case in music festivals is massive."

- Rutger Jansen (Director of Camp EDC)

Interactive Conference Kiosks

National sales training and partner conference for major medical device manufacturer, held over multiple days. Break-out session interactive kiosks available for sales and marketing staff. Each kiosk consists of a 46” LED monitor, tablet, laptop and accent lighting. Each kiosk requires 180w and a daily operation of 10 hours.

Problem: Location. With no power outlets located in the center of the ballroom, the options were limited.

Client Requirement: No wires. Traditionally gaffer tape and an extension cord would be the only solution

Solution: Three Joule Case portable power stations provide power to six kiosks. Integrated into the kiosk base, the power stations run the islands for the convention - a clean look, and a simple deployment. Each Joule Case power station was equipped with 8 SLA500 battery modules totaling to 4,000 watt hours of energy, enough to power the two-island grouping for more than two days.

When using Joule Case power products, restrictions and limits are left behind. Your trusted power solution provider, Joule Case reduces your expo power expenses, generates new revenue sources and eliminates head-aches.

"Joule Case was easy to use and setup. The batteries are intuitive and the production team had an easy install integrating with the kiosks. Joule Case allowed us to satisfy our customers requests and impress them with carefree application."

- Dan P. (Business Development Dir.)

Treefort Music Festival

This music festival has distributed and diverse power needs for outdoor tents and events and they wanted to eliminate the need for small, loud, dirty generators. Eliminate long power cords. Provide power for POS, lighting, and Cradlepoint data networks.

Problem: The Treefort Music Festival wants no small gas generators and no long cords, but they need power. There are many tents and experience centers that need decentralized power.

Client Requirement: Green, quiet, decentralized power with no long cords that is easy for volunteers to use.

Solution: Joule Case lithium-ion batteries to provide quick and easy power right where it is needed. Joule Case provided quiet, easy, simple, green power for all the decentralized locations such as Box Office, First Aid, Merchandise Sales, Info station, and Beer Hall/Ale fort

"I don’t have to worry about power anymore! If someone needs power, it's as simple as dropping off a Joule Case to that area. I also love that they are quiet and green."

- Drew Lorona (Treefort Co-Founder)