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Joule Case, Battery Start-up, Powers Young Entrepreneurs


SEATTLE, Washington, Sep 16, 2020 - With its first-ever virtual camp, held July 17-31st, Camp BizSmart is the only camp in the U.S. that teaches young entrepreneurs key business skills through problem-solving exercises based on real-world business cases. Over 10-days, industry experts at Joule Case and two other companies mentored six young entrepreneur teams, aged 11-15. Two of the six teams were challenged with a business case to invent a new environmentally friendly, portable, powerful, and user-friendly product using the Joule Case battery system for customers to store and use electricity whenever and wherever they need it.

The teams collaborated with a professional industrial designer who brought their drawings and sketches to life in 3-D renderings. On day 10, students presented and defended their solutions before a panel of judges. One of the two Joule Case teams, Race, won the title of Grand Champion for Camp BizSmart 2020. The team will appear at the Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo in November. Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investment network.

“We are thrilled to support young entrepreneurs. They are the future and have really good ideas. We are excited to partner with Camp BizSmart and hope to integrate some of [the team’s] ideas into future design iterations. Also, it was really fun,” said Joule Case CEO, James, Wagoner. As the world becomes more reliant on renewable energy, innovations in battery technology become increasingly more important. “As the demand for our battery systems grows, we will need to find innovative ways to deliver energy. This is exactly why working with youth is so important - they see things in new ways. The world very much needs this next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s an honor to support them.” - James Wagoner, CEO, Joule Case

“Peggy and I met James and Alex at the Keiretsu Angel Capital Forum last November and I knew immediately that our young BizSmart entrepreneurs would be inspired, not only by their innovative product, but their personal story of grit, courage and vision. In a disruptive world James and Alex brought innovation and energy to a technology that will become more and more relevant as we enter this new world economy. Joule Case is a shining example of the Great American Comeback story. It is an important lesson to future world shakers and idea makers around the world.” - Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO, Founder Camp BizSmart/BizSmart Global

“Camp BizSmart has been a unique experience, as people from everywhere come together to create something greater. I learned about the importance of teamwork and the amount of effort and time it takes to innovate and create a new product. We get to experience what actual companies do to create new products, as well as the hardships they go through in the creation process. Joule Case is an innovative company with an innovative product, bringing affordability and clean energy together. At Camp BizSmart, we were challenged to improve on the current Joule Case product, making it not only an affordable, clean energy source, but also a fashionable, multi-purpose device. - BizSmart Alum, Jerry Shen, CEO of the winning Joule Case team, Race.

“BizSmart is a place to motivate young people to explore the world and to showcase their talent. The professional team at BizSmart helps young people to make their ideas come to life with the essential qualities of grit, optimism and zest, and business partners who demonstrate character, courage, and citizenship. My son Jerry was the CEO for the Camp BizSmart Joule Case winning team, a role he selected because he loved the company’s business model and innovative technology. Due to joining the BizSmart Academy and working with inspiring CEO’s like James Wagoner, he is more passionate for exploring the world. I am grateful to BizSmart for providing this real-world entrepreneurship experience.” - Helen Shen, Jerry’s mother

About Joule Case Inc.

Started in a garage by James Wagoner and Alex Livingston, Joule Case Inc. was born out of their shared passion to enable clean and renewable energy to reach more people. They both saw batteries as the key and have spent years developing the unique stackable, portable, scalable, easy-to-use battery system - providing a clean and quiet alternative to gas generators. Joule Case provides power where you need it when you need it. Joule Case battery systems are available online on their website at, Camping World, and Northern Tool.

Joule Case continues to grow and provide innovative new ways to provide power where you need it. In August 2020, Joule Case announced the closing of its second-round convertible note offering. The offering was quickly oversubscribed after an initial goal to raise a half-million. Participants in this round included the Keiretsu Forum and Park City Angels.

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For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!