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Joule Case Revolutionizes Clean, Portable Energy Options With Sigma Launch at 2022 CES


Sigma to deliver unrivaled battery cycle life, best-in-class AC output at minimal cost-per-watt hour

BOISE, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As the demand for clean, emission-free electricity surges across countless industries, Joule Case continues to evolve its products and advance the industry with the announcement of its Sigma line. From powering internationally known live events to transitioning food trucks to clean, green energy; Joule Case leveraged all of its use cases to meet and exceed industry standards with its Sigma line.

Joule Case Sigma includes a best-in-class, 3000-watt inverter for continuous AC output power with a surge capability of 4000 watts. Its proprietary battery management system extends the cycle life of batteries beyond 10 years, backed by a full warranty. The Sigma’s PowerBlade™ System enables batteries and inverters to be stacked in any combination imaginable and is equipped with a patented 120-amp, 48-volt pass-through DC power/data bus. Joule Case can be charged from any power source including wall outlets, portable solar, roof mounted solar, and grid-scale solar farms. This provides endless options to meet any power demand in a compact design at $0.67 per watt hour, compared to $1.00 per watt hour of leading competitors.

"The demand for emission-free, portable and flexible power options is skyrocketing and our new Sigma line builds on our proven success in supporting a variety of intense demands," said James Wagoner, CEO, Joule Case. “At Joule Case we truly believe that decarbonizing our society leads to a clean and sustainable future and our Sigma line will accelerate these efforts.”

Pre-orders are available now at with a system that includes a PowerBlade™ Smart Handle, the 3000-watt inverter, a 1500-watt hour battery system, 3000-watt hour battery system and a 400-watt AC fast charger. The inverter unit includes six 15-amp outlets, one USB-A outlet, one 12V DC outlet and multiple Anderson connectors on its front panel. Its rear panel provides two 20-amp outlets and two USB-C outlets.

Customers can earn a 20% discount today with a $400 deposit. New orders of Joule Case Sigma units are expected to ship in the summer of 2022.

Joule Case’s Sigma launch follows an eventful year in powering live events and the evolution of the company. For the first time ever, large parts of Camp EDC were powered by clean, quiet and emission-free electricity via Joule Case at the EDC Vegas festival in October, 2021. Joule Case also powered all food trucks, multiple stages and several other power demands at Treefort Music Fest in September, 2021. Building on its recent momentum and success, Joule Case also launched a Wefunder campaign to further scale up to meet the demand for clean, safe, cost-efficient renewable power in the fast-growing event-power industry.

About Joule Case Inc.

Joule Case provides power where you need it when you need it, with flexible, patented battery systems that easily scale for a variety of power applications. The company was started in a Boise, Idaho garage by James Wagoner and Alex Livingston, fueled by their shared passion to enable clean and renewable energy to reach more people. They have spent years developing the unique stackable, portable, scalable, easy-to-use battery system now powering live events, food trucks and several other applications across the United States. The flexibility and adaptability of Joule Case systems can be combined together to make larger battery systems with minimal engineering and installation time.

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For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!