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Joule Case is portable and easy to carry. It is the perfect backup battery for multiple situations. Mobility is an important feature because it allows you to take it wherever you want and use it however you please. You can pack our products along with you on camping trips to power electrical appliances or use them to power construction tools.

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A benefit of Joule’s backup battery options is that they work in silence. You won’t hear anything above the soft hum of the fan inside the battery. There is no overpowering noise. Joule’s silent operation allows you to go about your normal life without being disturbed. Joule may be silent power, but it is a strong and reliable source of power.


ECO Friendly

Back-up batteries have many perks, including their environmentally friendly nature. Our products do not require fuel, propane, or gas in order to function. This reduces one’s carbon footprint drastically since they don't emit fumes. Our products can also connect to solar for their power, furthering their eco-friendly functionality.

Last Chance To Work


From charging your phone, to running your heavy machinery, Joule’s battery longevity is customizable, regardless of what you need it for. Run time is conveniently expandable by adding more batteries that stack on one another. Whether you decide to start small or large, power consumption has never been so versatile!

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