"Gas generators are the standard for food trucks, but they are noisy and smelly - notes of diesel don't pair well with coffee... Joule Case is a lot cleaner. My power needs are high and I needed a big system to power that for a 4-6 hour event. I chose Joule Case because as a mobile vendor, it allows me to serve people differently... It's more sustainable. It's the right choice for me and my business."

- Matt Larson, Owner, Relationships Coffee and Company, Idaho

"Joule Case was able to deliver a product that supplies everything I need without a dirty generator."

- Ricky H. (Owner, Landscapes Coffee Truck)

"I don’t have to worry about power anymore! If someone needs power, it's as simple as dropping off a Joule Case to that area. I also love that they are quiet and green."

- Drew Lorona (Treefort Co-Founder)

"Joule Case was easy to use and setup. The batteries are intuitive and the production team had an easy install integrating with the kiosks. Joule Case allowed us to satisfy our customers requests and impress them with carefree application."

- Dan P. (Business Development Dir.)

"Joule Case proved they can provide silent green power for our tents no problem. The potential for Joule Case in music festivals is massive."

- Rutger Jansen (Director of Camp EDC)

"Joule Case was able to deliver a product that supplies everything I need without a dirty generator."

- Ricky H.

"Joule Case is proving that you do not need dirty, smelly gas generators anymore."

- Rutger Jansen, Music Festival Producer, Arizona

"We love Joule Case! We've taken it camping, up to the cabin, and hunting. I don't have to deal with the noise and fumes from a generator anymore. The 1kwh battery system powers our camp for a weekend. We charged all our power tools, lights, and even an AC. With kids, dust, and weather, we have beaten the crap out of the thing and it keeps going."

- John Fuhrman, Outdoorsman, Idaho

"Super impressed with your product and so easy to use. Joule Case was the easiest part of the wedding!"

- Jeannie A.

"Joule Case works perfect for us. It travels with us. It is quiet and green and able to keep everything running exactly how we want it."

- Pete Sullivan (New Belgium Events Coordinator)