Solar charging is a great solution for your residence.

What Is A Solar Generator

A Solar Generator is a clean and renewable alternative to a fossil-fuel-powered generator. Consisting of one or more solar panels, a charge controller, and a battery, a Solar Generator produces electricity using sunlight, and stores that electricity in a battery so that it can be used whenever or wherever needed. It is completely quiet and will produce electricity wherever the sun is shining without producing emissions of any kind so it is safe to use indoors.

Our Reviews

  • Ricky H.

    Joule Case was able to deliver a product that supplies everything I need without a dirty generator.

    Ricky H.
  • Rutger Jansen

    Joule Case is proving that you do not need dirty smelly gas generators anymore.

    Rutger Jansen
  • Matt Larsen

    Gas generators are the standard for food trucks, but they are noisy and smelly - notes of diesel don't pair well with coffee... Joule Case is a lot cleaner. My power needs are high and I needed a big system to power that for a 4-6 hour event. I chose Joule Case because as a mobile vendor, it allows me to serve people differently... It's more sustainable. It's the right choice for me and my business.

    Matt Larsen
  • Jeannie A.

    Super impressed with your product and so easy to use. Joule Case was the easiest part of the wedding!

    Jeannie A.
  • Dr. Sandro Olgiati

    Not too many people are willing to buy equipment until the last moment - until a crisis occurs. I am proactive in my medical practice and in my life in general. With the Joule Case battery we have, we would be comfortable with a power outage for many days.

    Dr. Sandro Olgiati
  • John Fuhrman
    We love Joule Case! We've taken it camping, up to the cabin, and hunting. I don't have to deal with the noise and fumes from a generator anymore. The 1kwh battery system powers our camp for a weekend. We charged all our power tools, lights, and even an AC. With kids, dust, and weather, we have beaten the crap out of the thing and it keeps going.
    John Fuhrman

How Solar Electric Generators Work

Solar panels are "photovoltaic", meaning they produce electricity directly from sunlight. They can produce electricity whenever sunlight falls on them. Combined with a solar Charge Controller, they can power devices directly or, more commonly, they can send that power into a battery to be used at a later time or location when the sun is unavailable.

Find The Right Solar Generator For Your Needs

Benefits of Solar Power Generators

In addition to being an environmentally friendly power source, a solar generator has many advantages over a fossil-fuel-powered generator. It can be used in locations where the noise or emissions produced by "traditional" generators are undesirable or dangerous.

  • Environmentally Friendly, Renewable Power
  • Never Needs Re-fueling
  • Quiet
  • No Emissions
  • Safe for Indoor Use

Joule Case vs. The Competition

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