Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to charge?
Around 3 hours for a Li500.
How can you charge it?
An outlet with an IEC standard desktop computer cord (your purchase will come with one) or solar.
How long does it hold the charge for?
800 full cycles from 100% to 0%. Once this happens (estimated 5 years based on usage), it will drop to 80% full charge.
How long can it sit without losing charge?
Batteries can sit for a year under normal conditions without losing significant charge/energy.
How long will the Joule Case run my device?
Here’s a quick and dirty lesson in power:
All Joule Case batteries have a number in their name, ex. Li4k Base Station. These numbers refer to the Watt Hours (Wh), or the amount of energy that can be stored in each battery and can help estimate how long your device will run on your battery system. For example, a 400Wh battery should run a 100W light for 4 hours (400/100=4). When you’re deciding on what to power from your new Joule Case system, do some research into your device’s wattage consumption.
What is your warranty?
2 years for control modules and lithium-ion batteries.
How safe are your batteries?
Our batteries are safe in a couple of different ways:
  • We choose a safe battery chemistry that minimizes thermal runoff and safety
  • Joule Case does not overcharge or over-discharge batteries. This slightly reduces the capacity but increases the safety.
  • Each battery is individually packaged and shielded to prevent larger issues.
  • Each battery has a circuit breaker that shuts everything off when overcurrent is detected.
Can I take my Joule Case on a plane?
No. Under FAA regulations you are not allowed to take any battery exceeding 100Wh on a plane. For the most up to date information visit FAA Pack Safe.
Where are your products made?
The batteries come from China but our products are designed, engineered, and assembled near Boise, ID.
Can I be notified if you ever offer any discounts or new products?
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