Product Care

Your Joule Case should be used in a dry, well-ventilated area, and out of direct sunlight as prolonged sun exposure can add heat to your control module causing it to shut down.

Do not expose the unit to excessive heat, moisture, open flame, explosive or corrosive environments. While the Joule Case is designed for your rugged outdoor adventures it is a device that should be cared for.

If cleaning is required, use a dry or slightly damp cloth on exterior surfaces, make sure the unit is “OFF” (the switch will be in the “O” position).

Never touch the AC output or DC bus bar connectors with a wet cloth.

Weather happens - While the Joule Case is capable of operating safely with a light amount of rain or other liquid, it is not intended to operate in the rain continuously and any collecting liquid should be removed from the Joule Case.

Avoid situations where the Joule Case may take on water. If you believe the unit may have come in contact with excessive moisture, or become waterlogged disconnect all units, handle battery units with gloves, turn the battery unit(s) on the opposite side of the bus bars so the bus bars are pointed toward the sky. Contact Joule Case support: [email protected]