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Animations of Joule Case's Li6k battery, industrial battery and sigma battery pack.
A battery designed for every need. This is what portable power looks like.

Shhh! Joule Case’s portable battery system from Seattle helps PGA events to be as quiet as possible by replacing the diesel generators that power the huge, on-course video scoreboards.

As a Certified B Corp, Treefort Music Fest is in pursuit of a more sustainable music festival. Joule Case is helping them reach their goal to be a carbon neutral event.

Joule Case’s battery generator powers Camp EDC in Las Vegas supporting over 25,000 fans at one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in North America.

The event and party industry leader, Cort, partnered with Joule Case to power their summer 2021 events.

We were driven to improve the battery industry. But the technology we needed didn’t exist—so, we invented it.

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