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Power, where you need it.

Especially out here.

Joule Case

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Without the noise or fumes.

Power where you need it.

Enjoy nature, in comfort.

Technology that blends into the background. So your experiences can take center stage.

Joule Case, power where you need it.

Simply stack and snap. Finally, a clean power alternative to noisy gas generators.

Power is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose your power output and simply stack Joule Case’s Patent Pending battery or solar modules to increase your runtime.

Residential power needs powered with quiet renewable energy. Power backup during a power outage has never been easier.
From Food trucks and farmers markets to keeping your payment systems operational during a power outage, Joule Case keeps critical systems running.
Distributed power systems can easily be placed where the load is. Joule Case can run in-line with Industrial and Utility grade systems to keep you up.
Our portable power solutions are ideal to replace combustion fuel generators for outdoor events and can reduce costs for your next trade show.

Joule Case is the only power solution that works for consumers and commercial, industrial and special event applications.

Contact our professionals to find the right products for your energy needs.

The patent pending system allows for perfect sizing, no wiring, making advanced power simple. Choose your application, from consumer and recreational, commercial and large-scale power back-up to special event power.

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Control Module
Pure Sine wave AC power with 2.1 amp USB and accessory DC ports.
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Battery Module
Choose sealed lead acid or lithium ion. Stack batteries to increase runtime.
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Solar Modules
Recharge your Joule Case anywhere with seamlessly integrated solar.
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Stackable Systems
Power needs change, your Joule Case system can change too.

What type of power user are you? See a few of the many uses below.

Are you needs consumer focused? Recreational, Power on the go, Camping, Power During a Storm?
Are you needs commercial focused? Power at the job-site, Outdoor events, Cut the cord at your next trade show?
Silent and fume-free operation lets you connect with nature.
Off Grid
A simple solution, no complex wiring. Stack and snap.
Only the grill should have smoke, make tailgating a snap.
Emergency Power
When the lights go out don't get left in the dark. Joule is ready when you are.
Trade show/Event
Tired of paying for exhibit hall power? Cut the cord.
Outdoor event/Races
Your event should be the main focus, not the buzz of a generator.
Video/Audio Production
Light the set with silent power, no need to edit that.
Facilities Mainanence
Jump start the fleet and make all your tools portable. No more cords.

Want to read the technical stuff? Or are you ready to spec out your own system?

More details
Read more about the different modules available for Joule Case.
Choose your system
Contact us [email protected] and get your Joule Case system setup today.
Hours of LED Light
Hours of 60in LED TV
Minutes of Microwaving
Full Phone Charges

*Runtimes estimated with 3 battery modules


Gallery of Joule-ry

Video Gallery

Energy Storage
Joule Case provides turn-key energy storage solutions for solar and other renewable energy. Stackable and scalable, Joule Case is the ideal energy storage platform for homes and small businesses.
Trade Show Power
Joule Case can power anything in a Trade Show booth - islands, kiosks, even backlit walls. Reduce the number of drops in your booth or even eliminate your trade show expenses entirely. Cut the Cord with Joule Case.
Film and AV Power
Joule Case battery generator estimated runtimes for film and AV equipment. The modular, stackable platform is perfect for professional and hobby AV.

Are you a retailer or distributor? Become a Joule Case authorized retailer or reseller today! Contact us at [email protected] or call 888-200-5414 to learn about our sales programs.