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Food Truck Power

Joule Case scalable battery systems are the best power solution for food trucks of any size. Clean, quiet power with no ongoing maintenance or fuel costs make batteries then smart and economical choice for now and in the future.

Food Trucks Powered By Joule Case


save 30% Today

All energy storage systems over 5kWh qualify for a 30% tax credit.

Joule Case is a unique, emissions-free, solar-integrated, scalable, easy-to-use battery system now powering food trucks across the United States.

These battery systems can easily replace fossil fuel-burning generators, enabling clean and renewable energy to power your food truck builds.

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🤑 Lower Lifetime Cost

Generators are cheap to buy but expensive to run.

With no fuel costs, no maintenance costs, and a 30% federal tax credit, batteries are the sustainable and economical choice for your food truck.

Even though battery systems require a higher upfront cost, they provide much lower and more predictable operating costs and often result in becoming the lower-cost option within two years. 

🌲 More Sustainable

A major drawback of fossil fuel-burning generators is their environmental impact on the surrounding area. Noxious CO2 emissions are a constant reminder of just how dirty generators are.

With more and more events and municipalities banning generators, Joule Case battery systems are the clean, emissions-free alternative for all food truck power needs.

When combined with solar capture, Joule Case battery systems are the most sustainable food truck power option available.

😋 Better Experience

Batteries not only eliminate noxious fumes, they're also silent. Even the quietest generator is still 64 times louder than a battery system.

Without adding environmental or sound pollution, Joule Case power helps guests fully appreciate their food truck experience.

Install Solar and Eliminate Ongoing Costs

Recharging your Joule Case system with solar is a great solution for your food truck. Install panels on the top of your truck and harness the sun's energy to charge your system faster than with a plug and ground power.