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Joule Case is the ultimate power solution for food truck owners. By replacing noisy, unreliable gas powered generators with a clean energy system, food truck owners can boost their business and give their customers a superior experience.

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Food Trucks Powered By Joule Case

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Customer Success Stories

See what other food truck owners have to say after using Joule Case.

Prices varied widely and although Joule Case was more expensive we chose them because of their proven history on a food truck, which the other companies did not have. They were quick to respond to my inquiries and followed up to see if I had questions (which I had lots).

The fact that I can call with questions and they answer directly means so much.
Sinners & Saints

Coffee & Soda Food Truck 🥤
Lehi, UT

Amazing! We started out with a small Joule Case to power a portable camping freezer.

We loved the ease of use, and once we decided to get the trailer, it was no question to get a system put together by Joule Case.
Lickity Split

Ice Cream Food Truck 🍦
Upper Marlboro, MD

Boost Sales With Better Customer Experience

Joule Case makes your food truck more approachable while also giving your customers a superior experience.

Eliminate loud, disruptive generators

Take your food truck from noisy to silent and make the dining experience more peaceful for your customers.

Create a cleaner atmosphere

Take your food truck from noisy to silent and make the dining experience more peaceful for your customers.

Draw in more customers

Take your food truck from noisy to silent and make the dining experience more peaceful for your customers.
Two people receiving food from a food truck.
A photo of a Joule Case battery.

Uninterrupted Power From A Battery Source You Can Trust

Unlike gas-powered generators, Joule Case is maintenance-free and won't leave you with unexpected repair costs.

Our battery systems are crafted for durability, even in rugged weather conditions and provide dependable power in the toughest environments. Pair with solar panels to have even more runtime and flexibility.

We have a team of experts standing by to help guide you through installation and operations, ensuring your food truck is up and running with a clean energy system without fail.


Use solar to Supercharge Your Food Truck

With Joule Case, you can enjoy reliable, clean, and silent power that will help you attract more customers and grow your business.

Pair our battery technology with solar panels to get even more predictable and lower operating costs.

Unbeatable Power & Profitability

By integrating a clean solar battery system into your food truck, you’ll experience better efficiency and more profits.

Energy For Power Hungry Machines

Joule Case is capable of powering energy-demanding equipment like espresso machines, sub-zero freezers, and heavy-duty ice cream makers.

30% tax credit

Save on your entire system now. All Joule Case systems above 5kWh qualify for a 30% federal tax credit. Every week even more local incentives are approved, so this might just be the start of savings.

More predictable operating costs

Gas-powered generators are unpredictable to run. Joule Case is a one time investment that gives you a Maintenance-free power source for life. That means you’ll never need to worry about fuel prices, breakdowns, or backup generators.

Imagine A System Capable Of Powering All Of Your Equipment Without Fail

Not only is our clean energy system reliable in rugged weather, but it’s capable enough to keep all of your machines running.

Dozens of customers are using Joule Case to power heavy-duty equipment like espresso machines, large ice cream machines, and multiple fridges and freezers at the same time.

That's why our clean energy system has become the most popular energy power source for food truck owners.

A photo of people ordering drinks from a food truck.

Stay Ahead Of New Regulations And Future-Proof Your Business

As more states and municipalities move to ban gas- and diesel-powered generators, it's important to stay ahead of new laws so you can operate when and where you want to. With new bills like California’s Assembly Bill 1346 being introduced across the country, now is the time to turn to a fully-electric solution.


Move your business forward Without Wasting Time Or Money

Switching from a gas or diesel power supply to electric will give your food truck a massive advantage over your competition. Dozens of our clients are getting more sales and better customer satisfaction after switching to Joule Case.

Get on a call with one of our experts today and we’ll walk you through our products and how they can transform your food truck business.

What Other Food Truck Owners Are Saying

Logo for Kohi Time food truck.
Rian and his team have been great! I am so happy and thankful that my fabricator, Walt Dimick of NW Mobile Fabricators in Portland, found Joule Case. I approached several local alternative energy companies in Eugene about powering a coffee van, and they all told me it couldn't be done. Joule Case told Walt and me that they could make it work.
Kōhi Time

Coffee & Espresso Food Truck ☕
Eugene, OR
Logo for While Cream O'Clock food truck.
I quickly realized it was nearly impossible to get a gas powered quiet generator here in CA with all the rules and regulations so I dug back into Joule Case.
Whipped Cream O’ Clock

Ice Cream Food Truck 🍦
Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Joule Case run power-hungry equipment like espresso or ice cream machines?

Absolutely. Joule Case isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our products are designed to scale with your unique power/energy needs and can power even the most demanding equipment in your food truck. When you schedule a call with our experts, they’ll help you decide on a system that best suits your needs.

How do I charge my Joule Case system?

Joule Case food truck power systems easily connect to the grid or to solar panels, if you have the room. This flexibility will help take your food truck to new heights.

How hard is it to install Joule Case in my food truck?

Installing a Joule Case battery system is an easy extension of the electrical system you’ already have or are needing to install. Sometimes, depending on local code requirements, you may need a licensed professional to handle the install. Either way, you’ll get a dedicated team of experts that help guide you and your builder/installer with installation.

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