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1 |👼 Patented, portable award-winning tech has already raised over $3M from angel investors

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3 | 📈 Massive $120B energy storage market is growing at 25% CAGR

4 |💰 Over $1.3M in sales since founding and 200% YoY growth rate

5 |🎠 $100M LOI signed with Insomniac Events, organizer of EDC & many of the world's largest Festivals

6 | 💸 LIVE Nation, PG&E, CORT, & PGA are among names in the pipeline

7 | 🏆 Crowned Early-Stage Innovation of the Year & winner of Camp BizSmart

8 | 🎥 Featured in Forbes, GeekWire, & on the Discovery Channel

Why Joule Case?

The electricity our world depends upon is no longer reliable.

Utilities are failing to provide reliable power and have shown time and time again that businesses and people cannot depend upon them. Our lives rely on power. We rely on it so much we take it for granted until it fails.

The United States electrical grid is the most complex system ever designed yet it is outdated and failing.

2020 had 10X the number of significant power outages than 2000.
70% of all electrical transmission lines are past their 50-year expected life.
Now electrical utilities are being disrupted with decentralized renewable solar panel generation and the high demand EV fast charging that they do not have the capacity for.
Electrical utilities are trying to solve this problem with massive amounts of dollars.

They are on track to spend $140 billion this year in infrastructure and clean energy upgrades and again plan to spend another $140 billion in 2023. Even with this increase in spending, the US will still face a $200 billion funding gap for what is needed to maintain the grid and meet renewable targets in 2029.
Joule Case provides innovation in a largely stagnant battery market, replacing noxious generators and miles of expensive and cumbersome electrical transmission lines with clean, safe, cost-efficient renewable power to create a decentralized electrical grid in the future. The solution to the failing electric grid and portable power is the same. One product platform that is simple and easy to use. Joule Case has developed the patented battery system that can use any type of battery chemistry and output serious amounts of power to match the grid.

Joule Case patented battery platform means that all of your energy needs can be solved with one simple-to-use system. You don’t need to be an engineer to set up a Joule Case system. It simply builds to your use and can output whatever power you need. That means even high voltages and multiphase power that are needed for large applications.
The Joule Case flexible and portable platform is a perfect solution for most power needs regardless of the business or market. Our current customers include wineries, aquariums, festivals, events, large video display manufacturers, home builders, EV charging companies, and utilities. Joule Case has successfully proven reliable, effective power from personal to enterprise-scale applications. Simply put, Joule Case systems are a better option than generators or the electric grid.
Mobile business include mobile car detailers, groomers, deep cleaners, disaster recovery, electricians, plumbers, and landscape trucks. They are always in their vehicles driving to the next customer and need clean reliable power when they get there. Many currently have generators on their vans that are ripe to be replaced. 

- Power is critical to keeping business operating
- Power needs to be easy and accessible.
- Power needs to be reliable and convenient to allow them to focus on their customer
There are 35,000 food trucks in the United States alone. Each one has food being prepped with the smell, pollution, and noise of a generator in the experience for both employees and customers. Generators are the biggest frustration point frequently expressed by food truck owners and now there are dozens of food trucks that have replaced this generator with a quiet and clean Joule Case system.

- Rising fuel costs cut into margin
- Generators fail and require maintenance
- Noise and pollution detract from experience
Tiny homes are built for light infrastructure and minimal environmental impact. Their low power requirements and low capital costs make electrical infrastructure expensive and an eye sore. Joule Case is ideally designed to be the microgrid solution for any tiny home of any type.

- Traditional electrical grid is unavailable and expensive to access
- Alternative gas generators are loud and maintenance intense
- Tiny home owners want clean energy
Brands such as Dyson, Red Bull, LifeWater, T-Mobile, and GM have dozens of teams of brand activators ready to attend the next state fair, NASCAR race, music festival, or just downtown at a major city. They all need power and clean power speaks to any brand. 

- Need reliable power to take the brand on the road
- Diesel generators detract from the wow experience of their customers
- Need something quiet and green to associate with
The logistics and capital required to replace gas pumps with EV charging stations is significant. No utility is prepared for the electrical capacity especially when paired with solar where production does not match the timing of demand. Be on the lookout for exciting updates from the Joule Case team as we work with exciting strategic partners in this space. 

- Not enough charging locations
- Fleet growth is limited by charging locations
- Fast charging disrupts the electrical grid and utilities are not prepared
Every business and utility are looking for ways to ensure they have reliable power for their critical systems. The solution of decentralized flexible storage that Joule Case offers is a game changer. 

- Electrical utilities can no longer be depended upon in TX and CA
- Electrical outages are 10X compared to 2000
- Electricity is essential to the human experience
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Portable and backup power is noisy, toxic, expensive—and poses a serious public health safety issue. But even as we transition toward a greener grid, we still haven't unlocked the potential of renewable energy generation. And that's where batteries—and Joule Case lead the way.
Finally—a major shift in the battery scene. Prices have dropped 87% in a decade, and big initiatives plus an influx of capital is pushing the sector forward—fast. Now, Joule Case isn’t here to reinvent the wheel, but this innovative startup has found an ingenious way to help batteries play nicely together in a stackable format.
The future of portable energy is here and it’s simple, silent, safe, and clean. Joule Case’s grid-scale batteries are intuitive, user-friendly, and scalable: if you need more power, all you need to do is stack. Whether it’s one unit or over 90 units, we’ve got it covered. Joule Case has the technology and expertise to provide power that fits your specific needs wherever and whenever you need it. No generators, no noise, no smell, no CO2. Just efficient, reliable energy.

What you are looking at is the product platform that scales for all power applications from small devices to large enterprises. We are past our development stage and currently producing and shipping these to businesses worldwide.

Their first mission?

Making music festivals greener.

Power is one of the largest production costs for a music festival, and it can account for over 70% of its core carbon footprint. Recent lawsuits against Coachella and other concerts have revealed dangerously high levels of toxins in the air—from diesel generators—at these events. And with fuel costs rapidly rising and the energy market forecast as increasingly volatile, something’s gotta give.
The music festival sector has a unique opportunity to contribute to CO2 reduction, showcase new innovation, and engage audiences. Joule Case is partnering up with LIVE Nation, Insomniac Events, and festivals like EDC and Burning Man to transition from loud, harmful generators to renewable, stackable energy.
"The potential for Joule Case in music festivals is massive."
- Rutger Jansen, Senior VP Production and Operations @ Insomniac
With events coming back bigger than ever, we believe Joule Case is poised for incredible growth. Starting with Insomniac Events, organizer of Electric Daisy Carnival, Joule Case is on a mission to replace all the dirty diesel generators at concerts and outdoor events with clean, safe, renewable power.
TThe $30B lithium-ion battery market is predicted to spike four-fold over the coming decade. Event power itself is a fast-growing market at 25% CAGR that sits directly in sight for Joule Case technology.
Toxins from diesel generators are known to contribute to cancer and premature death, and combined with other compounds in sunlight they form ozone, a potent trigger for asthma attacks and other health issues. What started as a purely environmental issue has quickly escalated into a public health and safety issue, and the verdict is in: generators need to go.

As NPR outlines in this article, the rising occurrence of natural disasters is often followed by a spike in deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. After the legendary cold snap brought the State of Texas and it’s power grid to its knees in February 2021,at least 11 deaths were confirmed and more than 1,400 people sought care at emergency rooms and urgent care clinics for carbon monoxide poisoning during the weeklong outage.

Additionally, with California signing into law Assembly Bill 1346, which will effectively ban small gas-powered generators, the widespread transition to clean battery alternatives has begun.
Featured on both the BBC and the Discovery Channel, the rare and refreshing innovation of Joule Case hasn’t gone unnoticed...
Crowned Early-Stage Innovation of the Year, winner of Camp BizSmart, recognized by Future in Review (FIRE) conference, and with featured articles in Forbes, GeekWire, and more, Joule Case is generating buzz and excitement across industries and platforms.

In the pipeline, a well-known, global, $3 trillion corporation is hoping to leverage Joule Case technology into its sales and distribution channels...
Users love how Joule Case batteries do everything a noisy, toxic generator can do, and do it refreshingly quietly, and sustainably.
Between decades of experience in battery technology, extremely successful exits, and multiple patents, Joule Case brings a highly curated team of experts and doers that are ready to scale.
When it comes to affordability, simplicity, energy capacity, and portability, we believe Joule Case is truly in a league of its own.
Joule Case has already raised over $2M from angel investors. Big names like LIVE Nation,, PG&E, Insomniac, CORT, and PGA are waiting eagerly in the pipeline, and an ambitious vision for the future includes batteries that power everything from Burning Man to your neighborhood food truck, as well as everyday items like refrigerators, air conditioning, lights, and laptops.
There’s never been a better time to get onboard with a renewable energy startup. Battery prices are dropping fast, events are coming back, and Joule Case has massive markets directly in sight. Will you take charge and become an early investor as the event power market takes off?
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