Our goal is to give people the ability to power anything, anywhere. It only sounds bold because it didn’t exist before.


Eliminate 1,000,000,000 lbs of CO₂ Emissions


Our battery technology eliminates carbon emissions and toxic fumes that traditional generators produce. We believe that starting on a local level, we can grow our sustainability efforts to make a global impact.

Events Powered
Watts served
Total pounds co2 offset

Battery VS. Generator

Traditional generators produce toxic, harmful fumes that are bad for the environment and people. Joule Case is leading the green revolution with the next generation of battery technology that can power anything from a campsite to the main stage.
Joule Case Battery
Clean & Green
No landfills
Noise pollution
Cancer-causing substances
Ozone-depleting emissions
Carbon monoxide poisoning risks
Expensive to operate & maintain
We’ll Buy Back Your Battery

Typically when batteries become unusable, people throw them away in their household trash. They go to landfills and become hazardous to oceans, lakes, rivers, and soil. Ultimately being harmful to the environment and our health. We chose to change the story for our batteries. When you’re done with your Joule Case battery, we will buy the battery back from you.

Adaptable Battery Chemistry

We’re always looking ahead. That’s why we designed our batteries to evolve with the industry. Our power systems are chemistry-agnostic, meaning they can be interchangeable as energy sources improve and change.


We created the next generation of portable power. Take power off the grid for camping, events, food trucks, and off-grid backup. The stackable, flexible, portable design gives you the control to literally power anything you want. Our patented product platform can output any AC or DC voltage needs for high-power applications within a single product platform. Designed for any power need, anywhere.

Designed for anywhere. Powered for people.

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