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It has been a long year of hard work. A short look at what went on.

July 2016 / New Facility

This was the first real start for Joule Case. We finally had some space to grow, or at least space to put lots of pallets of parts and cart and carts. Pallets of all shapes and weights were coming in, double length pallets, pallets carrying 2000+lbs each (thats a lot of weight for 1 pallet). Pallets for days!

Along with the space we also acquired the equipment needed to handle a majority of the manufacturing and machining, removing the cost of 'job shops' we needed for small prototype and beta development.

August-November 2016 / Processing

I told friends and family that it would only take 2 weeks of work before I could get the first batch of units out. It was much longer than two weeks. Let's say that I now have a master's in logistics, operations, manufacturing and patience.

Winter 2016 / It was a hard winter

Just going to skip through this chapter, it was cold, too much snow, couldn't turn screws it was so cold.

January-February 2017 / New Year

Units finally began to ship and the manufacturing process was getting easier, we were able to build in batches now that several units had been completed in-house. Most of the raw materials had already processed helping dramatically with keeping the momentum going.

March-May 2017 / Shipping and set backs

We had a great deal of trouble shipping to one customer in particular. The first shipment of SLA500 modules for the most part arrived without issue except 1 support slat on the pallet broke and tipped a stack (of 8) into another. We figured that was a fluke given no issues before but to be sure we screwed 1/2" OSB (particle board) to the pallet for extra strength, then put barriers around the units so they wouldn't move around, got the industrial plastic wrap and corner bumpers. Well that shipment ended in some more units getting damaged. After all of that, paying for shipping insurance, getting a letter back from the carrier stating "something happened to them during handling" we've been denied any compensation.

Spring sucked, but we were able to get on top of the inventory.

Summer 2017 / Back on track

Inventory is up, orders are handled and we actually have some time to breath. So we're having a summer sale!

We have 40 P1000 units and 120 SLA500 units we want to offer at a discount. P1000 have 1000 watts of Pure Sine output and each SLA500 will run a 50w LED TV 9-10 hours for tailgating, stack them together and run your whole tailgate, campsite, outdoor product booth, whatever!

The discount is this Buy the P1000 and 2 SLA500 units get the 3rd free! It is already set in the shop and ready for you to take them home. Enjoy the rest of the summer, glad to be back!



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For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!