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Case or not to Case?


Here at Joule Case our mission is "Advanced Power, Made Simple". In many instances that means you may need to take your power with you. Our portable power products were designed and even named to give you that freedom.

Portability and the freedom to travel don't always take into account the 'how' of point A to point B. We want to show 3 different traveling companions for Joule Cases that we have used over the years.

First, we would like to introduce a custom case designed specifically for a Joule Case system with up to 4 total modules and some spare cables.

That can be 1 control module and 3 of the 500 series battery modules or 2 of each. This case is from Case Design Corporation we worked directly with Blair to tightly and securely integrate the Joule Case into this custom, rolling and stackable-total protection package.

These cases can be purchased directly from CDC or we can help you order one of your own!

Next up is the simple solution - foldable dollys. There are tons of these out there and we have tried several. The tips to choosing the one that is right for you are - platform area and width, carrying capacity and look for consumer reviews. Look for information on the footprint of the base. You will want one that is at least 14" wide and if possible 10" deep. It should be rated to carry more than 150lbs and make sure to read reviews from other customers. The one pictured has large wheels which help tremendously with uneven terrain and stairs!

And finally our old battered and tattered soon to be retired Cabbage Case. You have served us well.

The point is that no matter how you plan to use your Joule Case system, choose something that works based on your needs. We've tried quite a few and we can help you decide what might be best.

Safe travels!

-Joule Case Team

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For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!