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Most product developers have the luxury of approaching a problem with a tightly defined feature set often driven from set of problem statements. At Joule Case our problem is stated very simply - make power available, anywhere - but the problem itself is huge and complex. How much power? How where is anywhere? How do you get that power? How do you get it there?

When questions like these come up product developers have methods to down-select and group so that their products will meet neatly defined customers and groups. But we aren't like most. Instead of looking at the 'product' to sell we looked at the people needing solutions and the best way to meet their needs.

Modularity was our answer. Joule Case is the only stackable, modular battery generator (or Power Station whichever you prefer) available. First, you determine how much power you need - that is the control module, now available in 600w, 1,200w and 2,400w models. Then how long you want or need it to run, and connect multiple battery modules in either Lithium or Sealed Lead Acid to reach your goal.

For the past several years that has been done with 500wh units. But we made a mistake... we thought you would be happy running your devices for several hours, days even. No, no, no, you want to run things like your RV, cabin, replace the diesel generator that powers your food truck. You want to power most or all of your house during a power outage. Heck, you have farm and you want your massive irrigation pumps to be solar tied to Joule Case, and your cold storage fleet to use Joule Case modules because you can't idle your big-rig. And I'm sorry did we hear from way in the back that your grocery store chain needs to keep refrigeration going and provide power back to the grid? Thought so.

Ok. We hear you.

Joule Case is a power platform. If you need to power it, we can deliver. Our patent pending systems allows our modules to connect and provide power for any application. From Big to Small Joule Case can handle them all. We will soon update our shop and pages to include our new lineup of products for 2019!

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For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!
For a limited time, you can invest in Joule Case's Community Round!